(via The Daily Dish):

In his final post as a guest blogger, Michael Chabon admits he didn’t get any writing done on his novel while pinch hitting for TNC, and offers parting reflections on the format:

“Novelist time is reptile time; novelists tend to be ruminant and brooding, nursers of ancient grievances, second-guessers, Tuesday afternoon quarterbacks, retrospectators, endlessly, like slumping hitters, studying the film of their old whiffs …  Blogging, I think, is largely about seizing opportunities, about pouncing, about grabbing hold of hours, events, days and nights as they are happening, sizing them up and putting them into play with language, like a juggler catching and working into his flow whatever the audience has in its pockets.”

This is true and is largely why it has taken me so long to start blogging. I spent many years not as novelist or blogger, but as quasi-academic, working very hard to be as precise as possible. I won’t be as precise as possible in this space, but I’ll still try to be better than average. Writing well is very hard work. We should respect effortful attempts and, particularly with blogging, have some grace with the mis-hits. Unless they are in bad faith.

(So, re: bad faith, I think it’s a nice formal structure that might not seem obviously relevant to the topic, but actually can be a quite helpful category.)