Zoë Pollock posts at The Daily Dish:

Dennis G. elaborates on an analogy made by Glenn Thrush, that Obama offends liberals like Bob Dylan offended folk-loving hippies when he went electric. Dennis defends both for their rock and roll attitude:

Dylan shocked these folksters when he plugged in an electric guitar at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.  … They did not hate the songs. They hated the way that Dylan presented the music. … Dylan had a very hard time accepting their rage as sensible on any level and from time to time he lashed out at them with comments that some folks today might call ‘attacking his base’. …

[T]ime proved Dylan right and the process outrage of the folksters just looks silly in retrospect. And two years into the Obama Administration I think the same can be said about all the process rage directed at President Obama.

Two things. One, the analogy is off because Dylan and Obama shocked in opposite ways: Dylan basically abandoned the rules and showed people that it was better to leave a lyrical/musical genius untethered. Obama clutched the rules and showed people that it was good and necessary that he clutch them and try to govern within fairly strict boundaries. Two, the analogy is somewhat apt because both Dylan and Obama have been/will be mostly exonerated for their respective decisions. Wholesale for Dylan; Obama will have some ticks against him. I think he has been far too comfortable with continuing the expansion of the power of the executive branch, particularly with respect to war/terrorism; a path that, I think, history will judge to be understandable but unworthy.

In short, I’m really glad Dylan does what he does. I’m also mostly glad Obama does what he does (and given a functional lack of options, very glad). In light of the recent holidays, here’s Dylan saying/singing HoHoHo and gesturing vaguely with his hands: